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The remit of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee (AS) is: to advise the Council on matters relating to the programme of internal and external audit work and findings and recommendations arising from audit reports; to perform a scrutiny role through the provision of a workplan for the Council’s approval and to deal with matters referred by the Council for scrutiny purposes; to advise the Council on matters arising from complaints to the Ombudsman and other complaints systems relevant to Council services; to advise the Council on the implementation of, and matters arising from the Code of Conduct of Councillors and matters arising from the Ethical Standards in Public Life Etc (Scotland) Act 2000 and other relevant legislation; and to scrutinise actions agreed by Strategic Committees in response to the findings and recommendations arising from national reports by scrutiny bodies.

Further details of the terms of reference and the powers and duties delegated to the Committee are set out in the Council's Scheme of Delegation.

Sub-Committees and Working Groups

  • Scrutiny Working Group

Dates of Committee Meetings

  • Thursday 27 March 2014
  • Thursday 19 June 2014
  • Wednesday 24 September 2014
  • Thursday 20 November 2014

In accordance with the Council's Standing Orders, agendas and background papers will be made available at least three clear working days before the meeting.

Political Representation

  • Independent (Ind) = 10
  • Labour (Lab) = 2
  • Liberal Democrat (Lib Dem) = 4
  • Scottish National Party (SNP) = 6

Total number of Committee Members = 22


Chair: Mrs M Davidson (Ind)
Mr B Fernie (Ind)



For further information contact Democratic Services.

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