Inspection of Work Premises

The Environmental Health section of TEC Services is responsible for the enforcement of Health & Safety legislation in a wide range of business premises including retail shops, offices, warehouses, tyre and exhaust fitters, hotels and catering establishments, sports and leisure services, consumer services, and places of worship.

Enforcement Officers from the section will visit premises to carry out inspections and investigations. The Officers are interested in the Health & Safety of people at work, which also includes people who may be harmed by the way work is done, for example members of the public or neighbouring businesses.

Visits are planned using a priority system, which is related to the type of premises and operations, taking into account performance noted at the previous visit. High-risk premises can include some warehouses, larger kitchens, swimming pools and large retail shops. Most offices and shops are low risk.

Enforcement Officers will:

  • Make sure risks from work are properly managed
  • Give advice and help to people who have responsibility under the law
  • Investigate accidents and complaints 

Where contravention's are found officers may use formal powers such as issuing Improvement and Prohibition Notices. Offences may also be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

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