The aim of the Contracts Section is to negotiate, let, administer, evaluate and review contracts for all services purchased or funded by Housing and Social Work Services.  To ensure that all services procured are done so in adherence to the Council's contract standing orders.

The objectives of the Contracts Section are:

  • To have in place appropriate and legally sound contracts for all goods/services purchased.
  • To ensure best value is observed in securing goods/services.
  • To communicate contractual information to relevant stakeholders.
  • To ensure the Council's contractual obligations are fulfilled.
  • To establish and maintain effective relationships with contractors.
  • To establish and maintain monitoring and reporting arrangements with contractors.  To ensure the delivery of quality services by contractors.
  • To evaluate monitoring information for use in service planning/ commissioning/decomissioning.
  • To report to the Housing and Social Work Committee on contractual activity as necessary.