Electoral Registration

The Electoral Register

The canvass for the Electoral Register takes place between 1 September and 1 December each year. A new Register is published on 1 December.

If you are not registered or if you change address during the course of the year, you can apply to register at your current address at any time. The date at which you will be added to the Register depends on the point in the month at which you apply. Normally it will take between two and six weeks. Special rules apply during the canvass period and election periods.

If you are not registered and wish to vote in the election in future elections, you must complete and return an application form. Further information on entitlement to register is available here

If you would like to vote by post, please complete and return the relevant application forms.

 The Right to Vote

Details on the right to vote can be found on the Electoral Registration pages. The distinction between parliamentary and local government elections is important as the regimes differ.

Persons under the Age of 18

While no-one can vote until they are eighteen, names can be added to the Register showing their date of birth up to two years before they achieve voting age. They may not legally vote before their 18th birthday.