Private Hire and Taxi Licences

Apply onlineThis online form can be used to apply for:

  • Booking Office Licence
  • Private Hire Car Driver’s Licence
  • Private Hire Car Operator’s Licence
  • Substitute Vehicle
  • Taxi Driver’s Licence
  • Taxi Operator’s Licence

Please note: the licence cannot be granted without the following additional evidence:

A) for an Operator's License or a Vehicle Substitution:

  • a scanned copy of an insurance document appropriate to the type of licence applied for (Taxi or Private Hire Car) and Vehicle Registration Document (both must include the applicant's name);
  • MOT Certificate (if applicable);
  • the original plate and operator's licence (for Vehicle Substitution only)

B) for a Driver's Licence:

  • a scanned copy of your driving licence (both photo ID and paper counterpart);
  • two passport photographs for identity badge

C) for a Booking Office Licence:

  • a scanned copy of your public liability insurance certificate (applicable if the public have access to the premises for the purposes of booking a vehicle or access to a waiting area).

Printable applications

Booking Office Licence

Private Hire Car Drivers Licence.

Private Hire Car Operators Licence

Taxi Drivers Licence.

Taxi Exemption from Guide Dogs Licence. 

Taxi Operators Licence

Substitute Vehicle Licence