Business Waste and Recycling Service

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The Highland Council can offer businesses various recycling and refuse services throughout the area.

You should find all the information you need on these pages, if you would like to discuss recycling and waste options for your business please call us on 01349 886603 or e-mail the Waste Management Team

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Your legal duty as a business

The Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012
The law has changed for every business in Scotland click here for more information on how this affects your business.

All businesses must now take all reasonable steps to recycle as much as possible. The following items MUST be recycled, and CANNOT be placed in your refuse bins:

  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Glass

Visit Zero Waste Scotland for further information.

Please note that food waste requirements are currently applicable to INVERNESS ONLY - please contact us for further details. All other areas of Highland are currently exempt.

Duty of Care

As a business you have a responsibility to fully comply with the Duty of Care Regulations which involves:
• Taking care with waste handling and containment
• Describing and quantifying the waste
• Passing this waste only to a registered waste carrier
• or taking the waste directly to a suitably licenced transfer or disposal site

All Non-Domestic Rated properties (business and holiday homes not listed on the Council Tax register) must pay for the collection and disposal of their waste.  Click here to view the Non-Domestic Rates Booklet for more information.

Please note: you are not permitted to dispose of waste at our network of Household Recycling Centres. If you have a refuse contract in place with The Highland Council you can use these facilities for Recycling only.

For more information on the Duty of Care and your responsibilities as a business, click here

Using Recycling Points and Recycling Centres – Waste Transfer Note

As a customer of the Highland Council, you are entitled to recycle the same amount as your contracted bin capacity at any of our Recycling Points or Recycling Centres free of charge.
All you need to do is ensure you carry your Waste Transfer Note (you will receive this once your contract has been processed) with you.

Recycling Centres: use them for cardboard, plastic bottles, paper, tins and cans, garden waste, glass, textiles, wood and scrap metal.

Items such as fixtures, fittings, furniture and electrical equipment will not be accepted. 

Recycling Points: use them for paper, glass, textiles, tins and cans.

Please note you are not permitted to take commercial refuse to these sites.

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Waste Disposal at Landfill/Transfer Stations

Existing account holders are entitled to dispose of waste at Seater, Granish and Portree landfill sites and transfer stations.

Most usual types of waste can be accepted for disposal, but particular arrangements and charges will apply to difficult wastes.


From 1st of April 2014 the following charges will apply:

  • £69.45 per tonne plus £80 Landfill Tax for all wastes other than difficult wastes
  • £138.90 per tonne plus £80 Landfill Tax for difficult wastes.
  • £69.45 per tonne for mixed dry recycling (subject to materials being suiable for recycling)

To qualify* for the lower non-active rate of £2.50, the material MUST be detailed in the list contained in schedule 2 The Landfill Tax (Qualifying Material) Order 2011

* Please note that Top Soil and Peat does not qualify for the lower rate.

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Customer Care

Trying to get staff and customers on board with recycling can be
difficult, but we’re here to help!

The Council’s Waste Aware Team can assist by providing, free of charge, posters and stickers for internal and external bins to remind people what they can recycle. If you have a self-catering property, we have specific materials tailored towards this type of business, which will help your customers get it right. We also offer advice in recycling and waste minimisation, either to an employer wishing to reduce their waste, or as a presentation to staff. Contact us on 01349 886603 or

Every Can Counts are offering FREE starter packs (including a free internal bin). For more information visit:

Free online training on recycling

Is your business ready to deal with the new Zero Waste Regulations that will prevent you sending food waste or recyclable materials to landfill? Do you want to reduce your costs and cut the amount of waste your business produces? Is your business an SME with fewer than 250 employees? Visit to benefit from free, professionally accredited on-line training on resource efficiency, behaviour change, measuring and monitoring, and change planning or call Zero Waste Scotland on 0808 100 2040 to find out more.

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