Energy Cities

Energy Cities Logo In 2006 The Highland Council became the first Scottish local authority to sign up to the Energie-Cités Display® Campaign. This is a voluntary scheme used by organisations across Europe to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings. As with Energy Performance Certificates, the campaign uses the same format of label used on household appliances and cars.

The Energie-Cités Display® Campaign poster is an operational assessment of the premises and gives an indication of the energy being used in the building, the CO2 emissions and the water consumption.

Several factors are taken into account when calculating the results; namely:

  • Building use (school, office, sports facility etc.)
  • Internal floor area
  • Applicable UK climate
  • Annual energy consumption (includes power, heat, cooling and related CO2 emissions)
  • Type of fuel used (electricity, gas, oil and renewables)
  • Annual water consumption

Energy and Sustainability were responsible for collecting the data required to produce over 250 Display® Campaign posters for council buildings including HQ, schools, residential homes and leisure centres. These posters differ from Energy Performance Certificates in that they are based on actual consumption of fuel and water over a year, whereas EPCs are based on the physical properties of a building and the Building Regulation standards in force at the time of build.
Energie-Cités Display Campaign poster example.

For more information on the Energie-Cités Display Campaign contact the Energy and Sustainability Team.

Highland Council – award winners Energie-Cités Display® Campaign

In April 2009 the Council was awarded The Display® Towards Class A award by Energie-Cités. The award was in recognition the work it has done to raise awareness amongst staff of energy and water consumption in its buildings and for championing the need to cut CO2 emissions. The Council impressed the jury with their intensive internal communication campaign, their strong external promotional activities and effective marketing strategy to make staff and the public more aware of the energy performance of their buildings. Full Press Release.