Energy Advice FAQs

Please follow this link to a searchable list of frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) in relation to energy efficiency and ways to stop wasting energy: 

Energy Saving Trust – Energy Efficiency FAQs

The website includes advice on questions such as:

  • Can all cavity walls be insulated?
  • Can I get a grant to help with the cost of replacing my boiler?
  • Is it true that you use more energy to turn lights on and off than to leave them running?
  • Are there any grants for installing double glazing?
  • I’m not in receipt of any benefits. Is there any financial help to have loft and cavity wall insulation installed?
  • Why does condensation appear between the panes of my double glazed windows during the winter?
  • Is it more water and energy efficient to use a dishwasher than wash up by hand?
  • Will double glazing eliminate condensation on windows?
  • Where can I obtain free energy efficient lightbulbs?