6. Will The Rent I Pay Change During My Lease?

Rent Reviews

The Highland Council standard building lease is for a period of 5 years. 

However, there is provision in the lease for the rent to be reviewed after 5 years if the lease is allowed to continue beyond the original 5 year period.  

The Council are likely to consider extending your existing lease where there are no major changes to the standard lease and you have complied with the terms of your lease.

This approach saves time and costs for both you and the Council.

The alternative approach is for the Council to offer a new lease. This may be the case if it is necessary to update the general terms of your lease, but only insofar as you have complied with the terms of your lease.

Ground leases held from the Council will have provision for the rent to be reviewed at regular intervals during the term of the lease, usually every five years.


If, on receipt of a Rent Review Notice, you believe that the proposed new figure is unreasonable you may appeal against it.

You should be aware however that the Council’s Valuer will have carefully assessed current market values for the area in order to arrive at a fair rental.

Should you wish to appeal against a proposed rent increase we would recommend that you consult a Solicitor or Chartered Surveyor to act on your behalf.