Gambling Application Forms

Each of the following documents is viewable as a Word file or PDF file which you can look at onscreen, download or print.

Please return applications to the Clerk's Office in your Area with the appropriate fee.

Application Forms - Click on this link to access form for items 1-5 below: 

Gambling Premises Application Form PDF | DOC

1. Bingo

2. Betting Premises Licence

3. Track Licence

4. Adult Gaming Centre Licence

5. Family Entertainment Centre Licence

Permits - click on links below to access forms:

1. Unlicensed Family Entertainment Centre

2. Licensed Premises Gaming Permit Application   

3. Club Gaming Permit or Club Machine Permit Application:  PDF | DOC

 4. Gaming Machine(s) - Notification of Automatic Entitlement:  PDF | DOC 


1. Small Society Lotteries 

2. Temporary Use Notice for Premises

3. Prize Gaming

4. Travelling Fairs