Older People Services

Our vision for modern services for older people relates to providing services to people where they most value being – at home, and within their community. To do this well we aim to increase the participation of older people in the planning and delivery of the help they receive and promote equality of access to services for all older people. Further we aim to extend the types of care and support available to meet their needs.

As with everywhere else the number of older people living in the Highlands is expected to rise significantly in the next two decades. Services provided by the Council are directed at enabling greater numbers of people with complex needs to remain safely in their own homes and preventing time spent in hospital unnecessarily.

Services to Older People can: provide information; assess your needs and your carer’s needs; discuss what help is available locally; provide links to Health; support and arrange access to other services e.g. Occupational Therapists; respond to a crisis; and take effective steps to keep vulnerable adults safe.

Our Services aim to act promptly to requests for information and help, and to be as flexible as possible in their response. Wherever possible we aim to provide services locally.