Care Inspectorate

The Care Inspectorate, is an independent organisation funded by the Scottish Government.

It operates independently to scrutinise and improve care, social work and child protection services and they:

  • Provide public assurance and protection of vulnerable individuals and act as a catalyst for improvement
  • Make sure that scrutiny and improvement activity is informed by a systematic analysis of risk and targeted where it is needed most
  • Provide information on quality of care so that people who use and choose services, their carers and those responsible for commissioning services can make informed choices
  • Inspect against the regulations associated with the new Public Services Reform (Scotland) Act 2010, the National Care Standards and other agreed national benchmarks
  • Organise there scrutiny and improvement activity, including inspections around risk and targeting poorly performing services
  • Make more use of unannounced inspection
  • Implement national centralised registration and complaints functions
  • Develop there workforce to be more skilled at identifying and analysing risk
  • Develop new validation processes for self-evaluation
  • Coordinate joint planning of scrutiny and improvement activity and multi-disciplinary inspections with HIS and other scrutiny bodies
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