Planning guidance and advice

What permissions do I need?

To find out if you need planning permission or a building warrant, please complete the development enquiry form below. You may also need separate permissions from other services such as housing, roads, environmental health or licensing and we advise you to check directly with the relevant service.  For additional guidance on householder development enquiries, you can also visit the Scottish Government Planning pages.

Householder development enquiry

Non-householder development enquiry

If you are a utilities provider, you must give us notice of developments.

Notice from utilities provider

For advice and information on your development proposal before you submit a planning application, see our pre-application advice page

The fastest way to make an application to us is by using the online form above but if you are unable to use our online forms for any reason, please contact us on the telephone number below. Please provide as much information as possible on your original application. Additional information documents can be attached to the online form above.

If you have any follow up information to give us after you have submitted your original Development Enquiry application, please submit this to us electronically using the Post Submission Additional Documents online form which you can access on the portal. Please remember to quote your original application reference number when submitting any follow up information. If you are unable to use the portal for any reason, you can post any follow up information to our eProcessing Centre at the address below.

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