Education, Children and Adult Services Committee

Tasks and responsibilities

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The remit of the Education, Children and Adult Services Committee (ECA) is to:

  • scrutinise and monitor the management and delivery of services, including statutory functions for Social Care, Child Health, Education, Culture, Sport and Community Learning
  • develop policy and strategy in relation to Care and Learning Services
  • oversee the safeguarding of the wellbeing of adults and children, and secure continuous improvement through the development, review and scrutiny of strategic and operational plans and associated policies for the delivery of Social Care, Child Health and Education, Culture & Sport Services
  • consider the Capital Programme and the Revenue Budget for the services included in the Committee’s remit, and to monitor and oversee these budgets, including dealing with over expenditure
  • respond to representations and consultations etc. from the UK and Scottish Governments, and make representations to Ministers and other bodies regarding services included in the Committee’s remit
  • make recommendations to the Council on the outcomes of statutory consultation on school provision
  • undertake consultation with relevant agencies and organisations, including the voluntary sector, to achieve a co-ordinated approach to the provision of services within the Committee’s remit
  • ensure preparation of the strategic plan relating to Highland’s provision of Criminal Justice Services
  • oversee the scrutiny of adult social care services delegated to NHS Highland, including the consideration of recommendations for the Adult Services Development and Scrutiny Sub Committee
  • secure the process for Community Learning and Development by publishing a 3 year plan setting out how provision will be co-ordinated with other bodies, what will be provided directly and how needs for Community Learning and Development will be assessed
  • engage with the national Police Service and the national fire and Rescue Service on the development of their Local Plans for the Highlands for the following policy areas: youth justice, alcohol and drugs, adult protection, child protection and offending and re-offending
  • recommend to the Council the agreement of these aspects of the Local Police and Fire and Rescue Plans to ensure alignment with the Single Outcome Agreement

Further details of the terms of reference and the powers and duties delegated to the Committee are set out in the Council's Scheme of Delegation.

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