Communities and Partnerships Committee

Tasks and responsibilities

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The remit of the Communities and Partnerships Committee (CP) is to:

  • provide strategic direction and scrutiny for the implementation of the aspects of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act (2015) relating to consultation on national outcomes, community planning, participation requests, asset transfer request policy and participation in public decision-making
  • oversee the development and delivery of the Council’s localism action plan
  • engage with partners and with Highland communities to promote community safety to achieve the best possible outcomes for the region
  • enable the local scrutiny by Members of, and the engagement of Members with, national Police and Fire and Rescue Services
  • implement the Council’s Equalities duties to understand the needs of people who have characteristics protected in law to make sure Council services are more responsive to their need
  • ensure the Council adopts approaches to reduce inequality and poverty through the services it provides and in working with others
  • engage with, and implement the findings of, any external audits and inspections affecting the general and specific tasks of the Committee
  • agree responses to Government consultations and Parliamentary Inquiries relating to community empowerment and community safety

Further details of the terms of reference and the powers and duties delegated to the Committee are set out in the Council's Scheme of Delegation.

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