Disabled parking - blue badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme is intended to help drivers or passengers who require to park close to their destination. It allows on street, free parking without time restriction. Please use the links below to check eligibility for the existing scheme.

Check if you are eligible

Apply online

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New pilot scheme

Transport Scotland has recently released new guidance, which allows people with mental disorders and cognitive impairments to apply.

Only those most in need will be eligible. This is defined as “People, who as a result of a diagnosed mental disorder or cognitive impairment, have no awareness of danger from traffic and are likely to compromise their safety, or the safety of others.”
The pilot will operate in all 32 local authority areas. It will last for a period of 12 months with the badges themselves valid for a 12 month period. An evaluation will be conducted alongside the pilot that will conclude in December 2016, allowing a decision to be made about a potential permanent alteration to the scheme in 2017.
To apply under this category please call 01349 886604 to request a form.

A blue badge allows you to park in a marked bay:

  • In public on-street parking places
  • On single or double yellow lines, at times when loading is allowed
  • In some private car parks (check signs and always display your blue badge)

Off-street car park operators should provide parking spaces for disabled people. However,it is up to the car park owner to decide whether badge holders can park free of charge.

Do not assume you can always park for free.

Example situations where display of a valid Blue Badge does not grant uncontrolled parking:

  • In a Loading Bay unles actively loading or unloading
  • In a Bus or Taxi bay
  • In a Permit Holders Only Bay unless you also display a Permit for the street

If you require help completing the application form ask at your local Service Point or phoning our Service Centre.


There is a £20 fee for a blue badge. We will phone you to let you know when your badge is ready and awaiting payment.

You should then get your badge within 15 to 20 working days.

If your application is turned down

To appeal a decision please contact us.

Contact details for local Access Panels

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