How we are performing

We measure and report how successfully we are meeting our targets in the following ways.

Delivering our programme

Progress we have made in meeting the commitments detailed in our programme "Working together for the Highlands".

Annual performance report

Statutory performance indicators

Statutory performance indicators are set by the Accounts Commission for Scotland. They give basic information to every citizen on how we are performing.

Statutory performance indicators

How we compare to other councils

Each of Scotland's councils measure their performance against a set of benchmarking indicators. Councils can then work together to find out why performance differs and learn how they can improve.

See how we compare 

Public performance survey

A survey is carried out in June and July each year and is sent to the our "Citizens' Panel" of 2,700 people carefully chosen to represent the adult population

Citizens' Panel feedback

Staff surveys

We ask our staff what they think of our services every 2 years.

Employee survey report 2015

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our performance reporting, please contact us.

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