Home safety tips for council tenants

Home security

From time to time you will need to let representatives from the Council and other agencies such as the power or phone companies into your home.

You should always ask to see their identification before you let them in. The representative should also explain clearly who they are and why they are there. 

Don’t be afraid to take time to check their identification properly and to make a phone call to the company or Council if you are not sure – they will not take offence.  

Remember to close your windows and lock doors when you go out. Never leave a key in a secret hiding place, for example, under a mat and don’t leave a note on the door saying that you are out. You may want to leave a light on when you go out at night.  

If you go away you should remember to cancel newspapers and milk. Royal Mail can provide a service to hold your mail until you return for a nominal fee. You may want to leave a key with a friend.

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