Information for Children and Young People

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Keeping in control

Just as there are risks in the offline world there is in the online world, really the term ‘virtual world’ doesn’t apply here, it’s all REAL! You have the power to keep yourself safe online. To be able to keep in control you really need to know how to protect yourself from some of the risks you might come across. Always remember how to keep your profile private and how to block people on Instant Messenger. Remember also not give out personal information or share personal pictures. The Thinkuknow site can give you other great advice, its layout has been designed by young people for young people so have a peek. If this is a subject you and your friends want to know more about why not talk about it more in your local youth forums or at school?

How to REPORT if you are worried

Report Abuse

This site has a ‘Report Abuse’ button for young people to use. For example, this might be when a conversation with someone online who you may think could be an adult and is treating you in a way which makes you feel uncomfortable, it might be where you feel you are being bullied online or someone has used your identity. Clicking the ‘Report Abuse’ button will take you to the Child Exploitation and Protection Centre site, a place where trained adults are there to help you.

However, if you are or you know of someone in immediate danger always speak to parents or carers, trusted adults or call 999.