CPD for Outdoor Learning

Coastal Activity Leader Training (CALT)

An inspiring accredited training course designed to encourage and skill up folk to lead fun and educational activities along the magnificent coastline in Scotland. This course will help you feel confident in delivering a variety of programmes, enhance your naturalist skills of the coastal and marine environments as well as raise awareness of conservation activities you can take part in.

Coastal Activity Leader Training
NCFE Level 2
37 Guided Learning Hours

The next course will be Sept (20 - 23) with assessments in Oct (12 - 13)

Students who have already completed Wild things! WALT course can do an
abbreviated CALT course using their prior qualification. Please contact
the Wild things! office for further information.

HC and HLH staff should contact George Reid, Outdoor Education Officer, outdoor.learning@highlifehighland.com for information about potential funding to cover the course fees.

For further Information,
please contact Wild things!
01309 690450
Findhorn Village Centre,
Church Place, Findhorn,
Forres IV36 3YR

Woodland Activity Leader Training

NCFE Level 2 - 37 guided Learning Hours

This course is designed to inspire you to take young people and adults into the great outdoors, to feel confident in the exploration, discovery and conservation of our wild and natural places.

It will give you the tools to do all of this safely with an increase of naturalist knowledge alongside new activities, games and resources.

Who is the course for?

Anyone who wants to lead environmental education sessions or facilitate positive nature experiences for young people or adults.

Teachers • Outdoor instructors • Rangers

Parents • Teaching assistants • Wildlife guides

Adventure activity instructors • Social Workers

Outdoor enthusiasts

What will you be able to do after the training?

– Feel confident in leading young people in various activities in woodland environments
– Inspire young people and adults with various environmental education games
– Write inspiring session plans that are appropriate for the time of year, group, weather etc...
– Write Risk-Benefit analysis of your activities
– Have tools to deal with challenges that can arise in outdoor education
– Link your activities to the outcomes and experiences of the Curriculum for Excellence

How is the course made up?

Whilst the delivery of the course will be a mixture between field skills and theory, you will be assessed against the following modules:
Unit 1: Preparation
Unit 2: Delivery
Unit 3: Fieldcraft Skills and Naturalist Knowledge

2014 dates to be announced

HC and HLH staff should contact George Reid, Outdoor Education Officer, outdoor.learning@highlifehighland.com for information about potential funding to cover the course fees.

For further Information,
please contact Wild things!
01309 690450
Findhorn Village Centre,
Church Place, Findhorn,
Forres IV36 3YR


CPD Find

This is a great web site which is accessible through the LTS web site.

Highland Council and CPD

Highland's CPD website provides the following description of what is regarded as Continued Professional Development (CPD);

"Continuing Professional Development is at the heart of a teaching profession for the 21st Century. It is for everyone: teachers, chartered teachers, principal teachers, depute headteachers and headteachers alike. The range of experiences that contribute to a teacher's professional development is very wide and should be recognised as anything that progresses, assists or enhances a teacher's professionalism such as, attendance at courses, preparatory or follow up work for courses, reading of professional materials - journals, books, research information, school development work - membership of working group."

Attending external courses such as National Governing Body training and assessment courses related to adventurous activities develops the individual and more importantly empowers staff to deliver aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence in an out of classroom, outdoor setting.

It is not necessary for NGB awards to have been given a credit rating by the Scottish Qualifications Authority Framework (SQAF) or be listed on the The National Database of Accredited Qualifications (NDAQ) to be accepted as CPD. Skiing, cycling, sailing awards etc.. are all valuable CPD opportunities especially when the knowledge gained is used to enhance the delivery of the Curriculum for Excellence, as the cross curricular outing below exemplifies.

Cross Curricular Example

A teacher tells the class they have been asked to prepare a multi-media presentation about an area in their local community.  The presentation will be a seasonal feature in the local library/museum/community centre/supermarket. The class brainstorms where they might go and what they might focus on . . . experiences and outcomes are agreed.

As a result . . .

A group of pupils cycle through some woodland past a monument then continue on alongside a river which runs adjacent to a field in which a farmer is trying to gather the sheep with his dogs. Prior to the journey the class discusses what they might see en route and how they might impact on people they could come across and the environment. Whilst travelling the teachers leading the group stops on occasion for the pupils to photograph/record sounds, take samples from the river and discuss points of interest such as;

  • the significance of the monument
  • the commercial value of the river to the community, through fishing and recreational activities
  • the role of the forest in providing oxygen, using CO2, increasing the biodiversity of the area
  • the use of wool to insulate houses in an environmentally sustainable way . . .  

Upon returning to the school, the digital images and sounds are downloaded to a computer and a presentation is created along with photographs to inspire art work. The Science teacher leads an investigation into the river samples and the pupils write reports about what they have analysed. The history teacher uses the visit to the monument to kick start a study programme. The mod studies teacher expands on the work opportunities associated with rivers from hydro electric companies to biologist sampling life in the river. The geography teacher explores the different zones the river passes through from mountain top to the sea. The English teacher asks the pupils to write short stories and/or poems about what and whom they have seen . . .

This  3 week project ‘rotates’ around the five classes in the year group selecting different local areas . . .

NGB Awards with Credit Ratings

The following NGB awards have been given credit ratings so far.The 'Comparing Qualifications across Countries' web page is very helpful as most of the awards noted below have been given ratings by the NDAQ

Mountain Leader Training Scotland's (MLTS) 'Winter Mountain Leader' is credit rated as being SCQF level 9 which is the same level as ordinary degree  
Summer Mountain Leader is equivalent to a Higher 

Walking Group Leader is equivalent to a Higher  
Single Pitch Award is equivalent to a Higher 
BCU Level 3 Coach is equivalent to a Higher 
BCU Level 2 Coach is equivalent to a Credit Standard Grade 
BCU Level 1 Coach is equivalent to a General Standard Grade

Currently the Outdoor Education Servicecan fund CPD opportunities for High Life Highland and Highland Council Education Culture and Sport staff wishing to attend NGB training and assessment courses and in house accreditation courses, for more information please refer to the Training Opportunities web page on the Outdoor Learning web site or contact;

George Reid or Nancy Chambers outdoor.learning@highlifehighland.com or by phone on 01479 812 978