Gaelic medium education

The Highland Council believes that Gaelic medium education represents the best hope for reversing the decline of Gaelic in the Highlands, especially if it is supported by opportunities for young people to use Gaelic in the home and community.

An information leaflet is available for parents/guardians who are considering choosing Gaelic Medium Education for their child / children. If you would like your child to be bilingual then read "Bilingualism… a lot more than two languages (699kb pdf)."

Highland is one of the leading authorities in Scotland in the provision of Gaelic medium education [GME], with (in 2012/13):

  • 18 Gaelic medium nurseries and 4 partner centres providing GME for over 292 three and four olds
  • 21 primary schools providing Gaelic medium education for 784 pupils, including the first purpose-built ‘all-Gaelic’ school in Scotland: Bun sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis
  • 12 secondary schools offering Gàidhlig (Gaelic fluent speaker) classes, or subject teaching through the medium of Gaelic medium, to 364 pupils.  

In addition 12 secondary schools provide classes for Gaelic Learners for some 1,487 pupils, and pupils in 52 primary schools receive a basic grounding in Gaelic as part of a programme which trains class teachers to teach Gaelic.

Highland also seeks to support a range of activities for parents and other adults and for young people in Gaelic and Gaelic medium education. 

A copy of the latest research by Edinburgh University  "Gaelic-medium Education in Scotland:choice and attainment at the primary and early secondary school stages"  2010 is available in the current documents section.

A copy of Interchange 62 - "The attainments of pupils receiving Gaelic-medium primary education in Scotland" is available in Gaelic and English

The Highland Council is a major employer of Gaelic and Gaelic medium teachers, in the primary and secondary school.  Gaelic teachers interested in the possibility of employment in Highland are invited to contact

Gaelic Development Manager
Glenurquhart Road
Telephone: 01463 703663