Kinlochleven High School

Riverside Road, Kinlochleven, PH50 4QH

Tel: 01855 832042 Fax: 01855 832044

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School day for pupils:  Monday to Friday 09.00 to 15.35

Headteacher: Mr John McGilp

Kinlochleven High School is an integrated campus with Kinlochleven Primary school offering a learning environment for pupils of all ages.  A new 21st Century school, built about half a mile from the old one, opened in August 2008. The current secondary school roll sits at 152 with a staff of 19.1 FTE.

Associated Primary Schools:

Key Features:

Kinlochleven High School contributes to a unique focus for the local community in that the joint campus provides a single venue for pupil and parental activity. Provision includes:

  • Community Library for pupil use
  • Strong community links
  • Supportive Parent Council and PTFF
  • Community leisure centre (adjacent to the new school)
  • Welcoming and inclusive ethos created by pupils and staff