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Gaelic in the Highlands
Gàidhlig sa Ghàidhealtachd

The Gaelic language plays a very distinct part in the everyday lives of the people of the Highlands and Islands. This is illustrated in place names; hills. mountains, lochs, dams, and most recently in shops and businesses adopting Gaelic only or bilingualism, when marketing their products therefore creating a sense of place, which is integral to the identity of the people of the Highlands.

As the local authority which serves the communities of the Highland mainland and the Inner Hebrides of the North West of Scotland, we are fully committed to the furtherance of the Gaelic language and culture. The Highland Council recognises the educational, artistic, cultural, social and economic importance of Gaelic in underpinning our place in the modern world.

The Gaelic Language Board / Bord na Gaidhlig

The Gaelic Language Board is the national Gaelic development agency.  The Agency is working closely with the Scottish Government and the Scottish Parliament and Local Authorities across Scotland.

National Language Policy

A comprehensive language policy for Scotland embracing Gaelic, Scots and community languages has been called for by MSPs from the Scottish Parliament's Education, Culture and Sport Committee.

Nova Scotia and The Highland Council working together (partnership site)

The site provides information on the Memorandum of Understanding between The Highland Council and the Culture Division of the Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture.  The Memorandum of Understanding between The Highland Council and the Nova Scotia government focuses on three areas: Gaelic and cultural development, education, and tourism. It encourages exchanges of information, resources, and people and joint ventures within these three areas. These exchanges and ventures involve both public and private sector interests, as well volunteer and community-based organisations and institutions.

Cur is Fàs

Leughaibh mu na tha air a bhith dol air adhart a thaobh leasachadh na Gàidhlig air a’ Ghàidhealtachd agus anns na
h-Eileanan. Ma tha sibh fhèin no a’ bhuidheann agaibh airson lethbhreac no lethbhreacan dhi fhaighinn tron phost fònaibh 01463 234 138 no cuiribh post dealain gu

Gabhaidh a chuairt-litir a leughadh air-loidhne le bhith briogadh air a’ cheangal a leanas: Cur is Fàs 

Cur is Fàs

Read about the latest news regarding Gaelic development in the Highlands and Islands with the latest edition of the bilingual newsletter 'Cur is Fàs'. If you or your organisation would like to be sent a copy or copies of the newsletter phone 01463 234 138 or e-mail

The newsletter can be read online by clicking on the following link: Cur is Fàs

 Useful links

The Highland Council Gaelic links page

  • Am Baile: A major learning and research resource for everyone with an interest in the language, culture and history of the Scottish Highlands and Islands. The website can be navigated in Gaelic and English.
  • Canan: Canan is a small company on the Isle of Skye, in Scotland. They specialise in Scottish Gaelic and Gaelic-related materials in a variety of media.
  • Comunn na Gaidhlig (CnaG): Scotland's Gaelic Development Agency
  • Sabhal Mòr Ostaig - Scotland's only Gaelic College.   All teaching is through the medium of Gaelic 
  • Gaelic Learning Toolkit: audio files of common Gaelic words and phrases. 
  • The Gaelic Homepage: A Web site devoted to the language and culture of the Gaels.  


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