Housing Prospects - Social Rented Housing in Highland

This page contains information about council and other social rented housing available through Highland Housing Register (HHR). It is to help you understand how quickly housing might become available for you in different communties. This may help you choose which communities to apply for housing in.

Click on the Letting Zones to find out:

  • how many properties there are of each size,
  • how many became empty last year, and
  • how many people you will be competing with on the housing register.

Here’s an example of how to use this information

Say you are interested in your chances of being offered housing in Strathpeffer and you need a 1 bedroom property.

  • Click on Mid Ross in the list below
  • Find Strathpeffer in the first table, and look at the row for a 1 bedroom property
  • This first table (Demand for Mid Ross based on first choice) tells you that there are 25 households on the register for a 1 bedroom property in Strathpeffer, and another 7 HHR tenants who want a transfer. These 32 households have told us that Strathpeffer is their first choice location for housing.
  • The second table (‘Demand for Mid Ross Using All Choices’) tells you how many households in total would accept housing in Strathpeffer, even where it is not their first choice of location. This brings the total demand for Strathpeffer to 189 households on the register, and a further 29 tenants who wish to transfer. You will be competing with 218 households for a 1 bedroomed property.
  • To find out how many of these properties there are in Strathpeffer, go to the third table showing ‘Supply and Turnover for Mid Ross’.
  • Find Strathpeffer and look at the row for a 1 bedroom property.
  • This table tells you that there are 17 properties with 1 bedroom in Strathpeffer and that last year 1 of these became available for letting.

What does this mean to me?

Demand is high for 1 bedroomed properties in Strathpeffer but very few houses become available. You have a 1 in 218 chance of being offered one of these houses.

Your chances may improve but will remain limited, providing you continue to have a need for housing.

Information about how housing need is measured in Highland is set out in the Section 5 - Housing Need Categories and Priorities of the Highland Housing Register Allocations Policy.   You can view the Allocations Policy and get other relevant information on the Highland Housing Register page.

Lettings Zones

Information to help you explore or plan for other housing options is available in ‘Finding Housing in Highlands’

If you would like to discuss your housing prospects in person or contact a Highland Housing Register office, you will find contact details in Appendix A under Current Documents or on the Highland Housing Register page.