Wick By-election Results

The Highland Council Local Government By-election
Electoral Ward No. 3 - Wick
Thursday 7 April 2011

Declaration of Notice of Result

I, Alistair Dodds, the Returning Officer at the above election hereby give notice that, after application of the Single Transferable Vote count rules, the total number of votes given for each candidate at the by-election was as follows:

Candidate Party Total No. of Votes Given for Candidate Eliminated at the end of Stage No.
Laurel BUSH 75 2
Michael CARR Scottish Conservative and Unionist 33 1
Claire CLARK Scottish Liberal Democrats 236  
Neil MACDONALD Scottish Labour Party Candidate 463  
Jim OAG Independent 202 3
Gail Elizabeth ROSS Scottish National Party (SNP) 1,049 Reached quota of 1,047 at end of Stage 3
Niall SMITH Independent 245  

And that Gail Ross has been duly elected to serve as a councillor for Ward 3 (Wick) multimember ward.

Electorate 5,564
Total Number of Votes Cast 2,124
Percentage Poll  38.2%
Total Rejected Ballot Papers 33
Total Valid Votes  2,091
Quota (number of votes required to be elected)  1,047

The number of papers rejected and not counted by me at this by-election was:

1. Want of Official Mark 0
2. On which the figure “1” standing alone indicating a 1st preference is set opposite the name of more than 1 candidate 6
3. Over voting 2
4. Writing or mark by which voter could be identified 0
5. Unmarked or void for uncertainty  25
Total Number Rejected   33

Alistair Dodds, Returning Officer

Printed and Published by The Returning Officer, Elections Office, Council Headquarters, Inverness IV3 5NX
Friday 8 April 2011