How the Council Performs

We want to provide the right information to people in the most useful way.  The Council has changed the way it reports on its performance. We include performance information in the Council Tax leaflet and a local newspaper supplement highlighting our performance. The Council has formed a Citizens’ Panel of 2,350 householders as a new way of consulting with the public on its performance and has sent this Survey of Performance and Attitudes (404kb pdf) to panel members. The panel are our sounding board on the quality of Council services and the options for identifying the major savings needed in the coming few years. In 2013 we received over 1150 responses (a 49% response rate).  This means the results can be generalised to the adult population of the Highlands as a whole with high levels of confidence. The results have been presented to Council: Council report on Citizens' Panel Feedback 2013  (67kb doc)

The Council's annual performance report on delivery of  the Council Programme - "Working Together for the Highlands" is submitted to Council each September: Corporate Performance Report 2013   (397kb doc).

We would like our reporting to be as useful as possible and if you have any suggestions on how it can be improved please email Evelyn Johnston, Strategic Performance Manager or alternatively phone (01463 702671).