Public Notice - 28 July 2010 (28/07/10)

The Highland Council at its meeting on 24th June 2010 considered the Best Value 2 audit report and the Accounts Commission’s findings on the extent to which the Council meets its statutory duties on Best Value and Community Planning.  The Council accepts the judgements made that it is improving well and that it is well placed to deliver future improvement.  The Council acknowledges the areas of strength and advanced practice highlighted in the report and agrees with the areas recommended for improvement. 

The improvements required focus on: co-ordinating and prioritising performance improvement activities; demonstrating Value for Money more openly and consistently; improving political and management arrangements to progress the equalities agenda; and pressing on with planned improvements to adult social work, housing management rent arrears, staffing arrangements (pay, terms and conditions, workforce planning and management systems), customer engagement, asset management, partnership working and the actions for the Caithness Heat and Power project. 

An improvement plan was agreed by the Council to address these areas for improvement and is available here. Hard copies of the Best Value 2 report and improvement plan can be provided by telephoning (01463) 702006