Public urged to take pride in City environs (04/10/10)

An initiative that aims to improve the amenity of Inverness and its surrounding villages has received unanimous endorsement from members of The Highland Council’s Inverness City Committee.

“Operation Respect – City Pride” will co-ordinate existing public and private sector resources while developing and implementing innovative ways of encouraging the whole community to take pride in their City.

Chairman of The Highland Council’s Inverness City Committee, Provost Jimmy Gray said: “We want local people to be proud of their City and its local area and to actively support this initiative. Highland Council, Inverness Business Improvement District and their partners are doing all that they can to improve the amenity of the area but they do need the public to do their bit as well. If the whole community takes pride and a degree of ownership in their surroundings then we can achieve so much more together.”

The principal partners, Highland Council and Inverness Business Improvement District (BID), will engage other partners in Operation Respect – City Pride including: Northern Constabulary; Inverness Chamber of Commerce; Scottish Licensed Trade Association; Inverness Bed and Breakfast Association; Inverness Hotels Association; Highland Youth Forum; Crimestoppers; and Inverness Crime Prevention Panel.

Key themes in the delivery of Operation Respect – City Pride will include: public education and awareness; environmental improvement; and enforcement.

In addition to encouraging the wider community to take greater responsibility, ownership and pride of their public areas, some of the projects planned include:

  • a competition for local schools with an award for the cleanest school and environment;
  • community presentations promoting Operation Respect – City Pride;
  • improved husbandry of business sector buildings and spaces adjacent to businesses while improving the appearance of buildings and encouraging ‘ownership’ of business frontages;
  • encouraging retailers to reduce the amount of packaging used (in particular food takeaway premises);
  • getting commercial bins off the street – working with businesses to reduce the number of bins permanently stored on-street to zero in the medium to long term and the promotion of good practice using a voluntary code.

Backing up Operation Respect – City Pride, the Council’s Transport Environmental Community Services will be commencing a zero tolerance campaign on the enforcement of littering and fly-tipping at the end of October. Council officers will be issuing fixed penalty notices to anyone who does not take pride in their City and is caught littering or allowing their dog to foul the area.

Businesses, individuals or community groups who would like to take pride in their City area are invited submit ways in which they can support Operation Respect – City Pride to Inverness City Manager, David Haas at: or tel: (01463) 724201


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