A positive report by inspectors for Scoraig School and Nursery (08/11/11)

In an HMIe report on Scoraig Primary School the following key strengths were identified:

  • Confident children who enjoy talking about their learning and achievements.
  • The school’s very caring and inclusive ethos.
  • Partnerships between school, parents and a wide range of community members.
  • Teamwork between staff and the leadership of the headteacher.

In the report the Inspectors stated that children are confident and well motivated in their learning. Children enjoy their play experiences and are making good progress in their learning. They particularly enjoy tackling tasks which make them think for themselves.

They show how creative they are through their art and craft work, their music and in particular through the range of sensitive poetry they write.

Across the school, children are very interested in environmental issues and
speak knowledgeably about a wide range of energy-related topics, in particular, wind turbines.

Children show a high degree of respect for themselves, each other and visitors to the school. The school provides good support for children to develop and learn. Staff in the nursery and primary classes know the children well and are sensitive to their individual needs.

Parents and members of the community enrich children’s learning by sharing your outstanding range of expertise in, for example, arts, cookery, animal husbandry and astrophysics. Staff work well, often overcoming difficulties caused by Scoraig’s isolated location, with a range of specialist staff to help children experiencing difficulties make suitable progress.

The head teacher has, through strong, clear leadership and in partnership with all staff, begun to make a real difference to children’s learning.

Alison Barr, Head Teacher, said: “Everyone is delighted with this report. The inspector's assessment emphasises the high standards and professional commitment at Scoraig. It confirms the all round improvement and progress made by the school. The report recognises the very positive relations with the unique Scoraig community. We look forward to the future with confidence.”

Joany Maguire,  Chairperson of Scoraig Parent Council, said: “The hard work of the teachers, both in Primary and Nursery, has been recognised in this inspection. To know that our children are receiving an education that meets their needs is very reassuring for the parents.”



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