A9/B9006 Highways improvements progress to second phase (24/11/11)

Issued by Asda

ASDA has released further details regarding the second phase of work to the A9/B9006 slip road, which is due to commence on 5th December and continue until 23rd December.

The programme of works, which began on 10th October, is on schedule and progressing well.  The first phase of the works saw the construction of an additional lane for traffic in the field adjacent to the existing road.

The second phase of work will guide the traffic coming off the A9 onto the newly created lane.  Meanwhile traffic coming on to the A9 will be guided onto the lane currently used by the traffic exiting the A9.  This will allow work to take place on the lane currently used to access the A9 from the B9006.

To alert drivers to the changes ahead advance warning signs will be placed on all the approaches to the works.  Cones and barriers will also be put in place to ensure the safety and security of the site and the work force, including a safety zone to protect the work force.  The slip road will be a 30 MPH zone.

It is anticipated that these works will have minimal impact on the traffic flows during this time. 

The third phase of works is due to start in January, which will see the closure of the slip road for a two week period, with the aim of completion by 22nd January.

 1.      The operations during phase 2 are as follows:

  • Remove the existing kerbs
  • Remove the existing vegetation to form the new footpath
  • Lay the new kerbs
  • Form the new footpath
  • Build the 4 new gullies.

2.      A temporary footpath will be made at the North side of the new road adjacent to the new lane to accommodate the 2 houses.

3.      Work will take place during the hours of 7am – 7pm.

4.      Further information regarding the remaining phase of the work will follow in due course.

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