Don’t let your turkey bug you this Christmas (17/12/12)

Officers from the Environmental Health Service at The Highland Council are keen to spread the Christmas food safety message this year so that everyone can enjoy their festive dinner without suffering food poisoning symptoms.

It is estimated that around a million people suffer from food poisoning in the UK each year, but following some simple steps in the kitchen can help protect families and friends. 

This Christmas ensure that:

1. food that requires to be chilled is stored in the fridge;

2. hands are washed and dried before and after handling food, especially when handling and preparing raw meat, raw poultry and root vegetables;

3. the turkey is defrosted and cooked properly to ensure that it is hot all the way through and that the juices run clear;

4. leftovers are used safely - any leftovers should be cooled quickly, covered and refrigerated and used up within 2 days.
The Council has teamed up with Moray Firth Radio to run a two week audio campaign and have published a Christmas food message in the ICA magazine.

Alan Yates Highland Council’s Environmental Health Manager said: “Preparing a Christmas dinner can be a challenge, especially when cooking for more people then you’re used to. Following these simple rules, however, will help you enjoy the festive feast. Remember that your turkey should be for Christmas and not to bug you into the New Year.”

Members of the public are invited to contact the Council’s Environmental Health team on 01349 886606 for further advice and can click onto the “Safer Food and a better Christmas” message on the Food Standards Agency website at


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