Highland Council winter road condition reports for 19 December 2012. (19/12/12)

The Highland Council’s snow clearing / gritting route policies and area maps are online for 2012/13 at www.highland.gov.uk/gritting.

Road condition and gritting treatment reports by The Highland Council’s, Transport, Environmental and Community Services for the morning of Wednesday 19 December 2012 are as follows:

Treatment on priority one routes last night. Morning loaded patrol carried out no treatment required high due to temps. Posted: 19/12/2012 10:11

Badenoch and Strathspey
No action south end of area. Localised patches of frost Carrbridge area treated where needed. Posted: 19/12/2012 09:52

Ross and Cromarty
Widespread grey frost on side roads. Temperatures and wind increasing from 8:00am on the west coast. Treating eastern routes by priority. Posted: 19/12/2012 09:42

Skye and Lochalsh 
Patrols stood down at 7:00am. Posted: 19/12/2012 09:08

North Sutherland and Caithness
Hoar frost and icy patches in North Sutherland and West Caithness, treating as required in priority order. Posted: 19/12/2012 08:33

South Sutherland East Ross 
Widespread hoar frost and icy patches in the south and west of the area - all routes treated. East of area milder - no action. Posted: 19/12/2012 08:21

Widespread frost, treating roads by priority. Posted: 19/12/2012 08:18

Patchy grey frost on roads this morning. Start gritting priority 1 and 2 roads then review conditions on priority 3 and 4 routes at 8am. Posted: 19/12/2012 06:10


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