Highland Council welcomes funding for River Ness flood scheme (30/01/12)

The Highland Council has welcomed major funding from the Scottish Government for a flood prevention scheme to protect riverside properties in the centre of Inverness.

Leader of The Highland Council, Councillor Michael Foxley said: “This is a vital scheme for the City of Inverness, its residents and businesses. I’m extremely pleased of the unanimous support from Cosla that we received at the meeting held last Friday and I would like to thank the officials for all their hard work in putting the bid together.”

Councillor John Laing, Chairman of The Highland Council’s Transport, Environmental and Community Services Committee said: “I am delighted that the hard work that we are doing here in the Highlands to counter increasing risks of flooding is being recognised by the Scottish Government. We welcome the support to our plans to put in place measures to reduce flood risks in Inverness.”

Welcoming the funding, Provost of Inverness, Councillor Jimmy Gray, Chairman of The Highland Council’s Inverness City Committee said: “This is really good news for the residents of Inverness. It is very encouraging that the Scottish Government and Cosla have listened to the case put forward by The Highland Council. We do appreciate the work undertaken both in Highland Council and Cosla in recognising the need for a River Ness flood scheme. It will make a huge difference to our City flood alleviation and give us an opportunity to finish off existing Streetscape plans for Huntly Street.”

The estimated cost of the River Ness Flood scheme is £20,884,000.  Eighty percent or £16,708,000 is being provided from the Scottish Government’s General Capital Grant.  The Council needs to identify the remaining 20% or £4,176,000.

Developed over 9 years, the River Ness Flood Alleviation Scheme (Tidal Section) in Inverness is designed to protect 795 residential and 188 non-residential properties from a 1:100 years return period flood.

It comprises two distinct sections – the central section between Friars Bridge and Ness Bridge and the lower section from Friars Bridge north to the harbour and the mouth of the River Ness.


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