Council agrees Programme for The Highland Council over next five years (28/06/12)

The Highland Council has today (Thursday) confirmed its Programme of Administration 2012 - 2017 (3000kb, pdf).

“Working together for the Highlands” – a Programme for The Highland Council – features 128 actions across seven main themes, which focus on working together for:-

  • the economy;
  • children and young people;
  • caring communities;
  • better infrastructure;
  • better housing;
  • empowering communities; and
  • strong and safe communities.

Council Leader Drew Hendry presented the programme on behalf of the Council Leadership, describing it as “bold and ambitious but deliverable”.

He said: “Our commitment is to work hard over the next five years to stand up for the Highlands, supporting and creating jobs in the Highlands.”

Throughout the Programme, there is a commitment to equalities and the principle of equal respect for the Gaelic and English languages, whilst also recognising the diversity of indigenous language and dialects within the Highland area.  In promoting new and innovative projects, the Council will maintain a commitment to Scotland’s Climate Change Declaration.



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