Highland Council winter road condition reports for 13 February 2013 (13/02/13)

The Highland Council’s snow clearing / gritting route policies and area maps are online for 2012/13 at www.highland.gov.uk/gritting.

Road condition and gritting treatment reports by The Highland Council’s, Transport, Environmental and Community Services for the morning of Wednesday 13February 2013 are as follows:

Caithness and North Sutherland
Most routes covered in snow ranging from a dusting up to 12mm with snow showers, which are getting heavier.  Crews are treating all routes in priority order. Posted 13/02/2013 08:30:20

South Sutherland and East Ross
All roads are affected by up to 2 inches of snow.  Snow is turning to rain from the west. All roads treated by priority.  Posted 13/02/2013 08:27:46

There is very light snow on roads.  All roads are clear. Posted: 13/02/2013 08:19:44

Badenoch and Strathspey 
Cairngorm roads is closed due to high winds and drifting light snow showers all morning.  Roads are being gritted by priority.  No known problems else where. Posted: 13/02/2013 08:10:47

Some snow showers leaving a light covering lying on some high roads.  All roads are to be gritted. Posted 13/02/2013 06:32:55

Ross and Cromarty
There is 1"-1.5" snow on Knockan and it is still snowing. Blowing and snowing on Beallach to Applecross road so the road is closed until the gritter arrives after clearing the coastal route. There is a light covering of snow throughout rest of the area. It is starting to turn to rain from the west at lower levels. Posted 13/02/2013 07:52:23

Skye and Lochalsh
Road surfaces are mostly wet with some very light snow in some higher areas.
Posted 13/02/2013 08:41:33

There is up to 5cm of wet snow on highest sections of A884 Carnoch to Lochaline and Polloch Road.  All other routes mostly wet and treated as required. Posted: 13/02/2013 11:51:14

The information provided is a synopsis of reports from operational staff and is intended to give a general indication of typical conditions in each area at a point in time.  It is not intended to imply that any individual route is entirely snow and ice free and drivers must be aware that conditions can change rapidly and make their own assessment of conditions before travelling.


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