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The Council has agreed to realign its Service management teams into five directorates – from the existing seven – achieving savings of £350,000 per year and delivering more customer-focused services.

The 5 Directorates are:

  • Care and Learning
  • Finance 
  • Corporate Development 
  • Development and Infrastructure 
  • Community Services

They replace:

  • Chief Executive’s Service
  • Education Culture and Sport
  • Health and Social Care
  • Finance
  • Planning and Development
  • Housing and Property
  • Transport Environmental and Community Services

Community Services, Finance, Corporate Development and Development and Infrastructure Services  come into effect on 1 April. The existing Directors of Education Culture and Sport and Health and Social Care agree that it would be appropriate to plan for full implementation of the new Care and Learning Service in late summer/autumn. The current Directors will work together as a team during this time with one of the current Directors becoming Director Designate of Care and Learning in April 2014.

The Chief Executive, five Directors, Head of Policy & Reform and Head of Community & Democratic Engagement will make up the Council’s Executive Leadership Team formerly known as the Senior Management Team.

New Strategic Committee Names

To reflect the new service structure, the names and roles and responsibilities of the Council’s 4 strategic committees are to change.   From 1 April, the new committees will be called:

  • Community Services Committee
  • Education, Children and Adult Services
  • Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee
  • Resources Committee

The names of the existing committees are:

  • Adult and Children’s Services
  • Finance, Housing and Resources
  • Planning, Environment and Development
  • Transport, Environmental and Community Services

Service management teams

Chief Executive’s Office

Chief Executive:  Steve Barron
Head of Policy and Reform:  Carron McDiarmid
Acting Head of Community and Democratic Engagement:  David Haas
Business Manager:  Kate Lackie
Public Relations Manager:  Gordon Fyfe

Community Services

Director:  William Gilfillan
Head of Environmental and Regulatory Services: Colin Clark
Head of Roads and Transport: Richard Evans
Head of Housing: David Goldie
Performance and Building Maintenance Manager: Caroline Campbell

Community Services Area Managers:

Campbell Stewart (Caithness and Sutherland)
Tina Luxton (Skye, Ross and Cromarty)
Tracey Urry (Inverness)
Cameron Kemp (Lochaber, Nairn and Badenoch and Strathspey)

Corporate Development Service

Depute Chief Executive and Director:  Michelle Morris
Head of Digital Transformation:  Vicki Nairn
Head of People and Performance: John Batchelor
Head of Corporate Governance:  Stewart Fraser
Corporate Improvement Programme Manager:  John Robertson

Development and Infrastructure Service

Director:  Stuart Black
Head of Planning and Building Standards: Malcolm Macleod
Head of Environment & Economic Development: George Hamilton
Head of Property: Gary Westwater
Head of Property Partnerships: Allan Maguire
Head of  Infrastructure (acting): Colin Howell

Education Culture and Sport

Director:  Hugh Fraser
Head of Education: Jim Steven
Head of Support Services: Ron Mackenzie
Area Education Managers
North:  Graham Nichols
West: Norma Young
Mid: Maurice McIntyre
South:  Callum Mackintosh

Health and Social Care

Director: Bill Alexander
Head of Education: Jim Steven
Head of Health:  Sheena MacLeod
Head of Social Care: Fiona Palin

Children’s Services Managers:

North: Dawn Grant
West: Kath McAvoy
Mid: Debbie Milton
South: Mairi Morrison

Note:  Education Culture and Sport and Health and Social Care will merge in September to form a new Service to be known as Care and Learning.  The Service will have a single Director and the following Heads of Service. (The post of Head of Health will remain until March 2016).

Head of Additional Support Services – Bernadette Cairns
Head of Adult Services – Fiona Palin
Head of Children’s Services - tbc
Head of Education – Jim Steven
Head of Health – Sheena MacLeod
Head of Resources - tbc

Finance Service

Director: Derek Yule
Head of Corporate Finance:  David Robertson
Head of Exchequer and Revenues: Dawson Lamont
Head of Business Support: Allan Gunn
Head of Audit and Risk Management: Nigel Rose
Head of Procurement:  Ashley Gould
Note:  A new post of Head of Revenues and Business Support is being established to replace the existing posts of Head of Revenues and Exchequer and Head of Business Support.

Committee Office bearers

Community Services Committee:  Chair: Graham Phillips, SNP - East Sutherland and Edderton; Vice-chair:  Bet McAllister, Labour - Inverness Central.

Education, Children and Adult Services:  Chair: Alasdair Christie, Liberal Democrat - Inverness Ness-side; Vice-chair: Graham Mackenzie, SNP - Dingwall and Seaforth.

Planning, Development and Infrastructure Committee:  Chair: Thomas Prag, Liberal Democrat – Inverness South; Vice-chair: George Farlow, SNP – North West and Central Sutherland.

Resources Committee:  Chair:  Dave Fallows, SNP – Badenoch and Strathspey; Vice-Chair:  David Alston, Liberal Democrat – Black Isle.