Action Note - Fort William and Ardnamurchan (Ward 22) Lochaber South Ward Forum Monday 12 May 2008


Councillors Michael Foxley (Chair), Bren Gormley, Brian Murphy, Ballachulish Community council , Kinlochleven High School Parent Council, Acharacle Community Council, Sunart Community Council, Glencoe and Glen Etive Community Council , Inverlochy and Torlundy Community council, Association of Lochaber Community Councils, Fort William Community Council.


Officials in attendance:

Mike Leary (TEC), Dot Ferguson (CE), Bob Mitchell (Transport Scotland) and Mark Smith (Transerv).

For Action:

Chief Executive’s (CE)
Education, Culture and Sport (ECS)
Finance (F)
Housing and Property (H & P)
Planning and Development (P & D)
Social Work (SW)

Listed below is the action required as a result of the decisions/discussions taken by the Lochaber South Ward Forum at their meeting held on Monday 12 May in the Council Chambers, Lochaber House, Fort William.

Please arrange to take the required action on the basis of this Action Sheet.

1. Apologies: Councillor Donald Cameron, Chief Inspector John Chisholm, Duror and Kentallen Community Council; Theresa James, NHS


2. Action Sheet Update from 11 March

Plastics Recycling – rural pilot being launched which will include glass, aluminium and  plastics.  Plastics recycling will also be available at civic amenity site at Fort William. 

Duisky – planning conditions cannot control where waste comes from

Ballachulish recycling centre – no plans to build a facility at this time
Extra Street Cleaning Staff - monies were made available and an extra 3 staff have  been employed

Local Plan – representation re MacColl Terrace received and being considered

New Care Home – whether or not home is dual-registered cannot be enforced by  planning condition


3. Grounds Maintenance Issues  – Mike Leary presented an outline of the works carried out in Lochaber by grounds maintenance teams.  Main points included:-

 - update on grass cutting carried out – now contracted out to commercial

 - summary of other general amenity sites – eg play areas; pitches; burial

   grounds etc
 - high amenity area including flower beds etc 

 Main issues raised included:


- concern that when strimming, guards on strimmers need to be swivelled to

  protect pedestrians passing, also shredding litter– TECS to ensure this is 

- concerns re low standard of grounds maintenance around Ballachulish Hall
- Glen Nevis cemetery – stones on path are too big and difficult to negotiate –

  being remedied this year
- An Aird – concerns re condition of An Aird – being addressed with new

  maintenance regime
- The Parade – concern re lack of spring planting – due to damage being 

  caused by rabbits – potential solutions currently being considered.
- Jubilee park, Ballachulish – ground drainage works – Action - ECS to provide

  an update on progress re: getting  these works actioned (SportScotland bid)

4. Trunk Road Maintenance – Transport Scotland/Transerv – this year’s budget is  severely restricted with only £5 million being awarded against a bid of around £25 million.  Works are therefore similarly restricted, with works going ahead at Rannoch  Moor, Glencoe, Glen Etive (mainly edge reinforcement, patching etc) and surface dressing at Druimarben – rest of works will be small scale, largely reactive  works.


 Main issues raised included:


- traffic management on trunk road when BT cabling was put in – all

  consultation  processes had been carried out correctly but BM undertook to

  investigate and see how this can be avoided in future.  HC to put together a

  calendar of dates/events when roadworks should be avoided.  Utilities have

  complete autonomy in terms of these types of works, unless there is a

  public  safety issue, when police can intervene.  Will investigate works being

  carried out overnight, when possible. – Action TS/HC
- Better liaison with community councils is required to help inform public and

  inform timetabling of works – also in responding to CC complaints/issues –

  Action TS/Tr
- Lochybridge – design works being carried out this year, but works may not

  be carried out until next financial year.  Concerns raised re pedestrian crossing

  green light showing, which people mistake for being able to go straight

  across the roundabout – Action TS/Tr
- Medical centre / High School junction – traffic lights are due to be put in –

  South Ward members raised concerns, stating that the installation of lights

  would impact negatively on traffic flow – Action TS/Tr/North members
- Argos junction, structural repair and minor modifications due. 
- ‘rat run’ created at Tigh Phuirst when road works were in place – greater co-

  ordination needed
- ground investigation starting at Pulpit Rock; Crianlarich will need little on-road

- concern expressed that there is no long term plan to address traffic issues –

  STPR will address some of the problems
- Inverlochy junction – new installation being put in; light timings to be

  checked asap; new roundabouts being designed for Camaghael and Caol

- Nevis Bridge – when was structure examined?  Bob Mitchell to check –

  Action TS
- drop at road edge between Fort William and Corran – Bob Mitchell to check –

  Action TS
- Lack of accurate traffic information on Traffic Scotland website – significant

  improvement needed to ensure accurate and up to date information is

  available.  0800 028 1414 number now manned 24/7 where incidents/delays

  can be reported. Inaccurate info can also be reported to TS - Action TS

5. Waterfront Update – update circulated.  Issues raised included:
- is a marina to be included?
- must have access to the water
- development should not be delayed for marina; rest of development needed
- concern expressed re restricted boundary of site

6. AOCB/Question and Answer Session

Single-manning of ambulances – causing great concern; SAS now stopped all overtime; Glencoe  ambulance and police should be encouraged to share premises –  Action HC to make representation

Lift construction at Tweeddale gable – very difficult for people with access blocked –  has permission been granted?  (Update: Planning permission was granted in 2005)

Concerns re Abbeyfield – no contract in place yet; Lochaber Local Health Partnership monitoring.  Little input from Social Work so far.  Agreed to arrange a  special meeting plus provide written answer -  Action HC

Scorpion Market – concern expressed that planning application did not go to Committee despite several councillors/officials being aware that there were objections.  Level of written objections meant it was dealt with under delegated  powers.  Concern also expressed that a follow-up meeting to discuss the market with  High Street retailers had not happened.

Bruce Place – concern expressed about the condition of the road surface – Action  TECS to check

Planning – concern expressed around under-resourcing of department – Action -  Planning to attend  next Forum

Buses – concern expressed re size, speed and pollution caused by some buses –  Action – HC to write to Rapsons


Date of Next Meeting –


Joint Ward Forum
Monday 8 September at 7.00pm Council Chamber, Lochaber House


South  Ward Forum
Monday 6 October at 6.30pm in Kinlochleven – venue to be confirmed
Monday 8 December at 6.30pm in Sunart Centre, Strontian