Action Note – Fort William and Ardnamurchan (Ward 22)
Lochaber South Ward Forum
Monday 8 December 2008


Present: Councillors Bren Gormley, Brian Murphy, Michael Foxley, Donald Cameron, Eddie Hunter; Sunart Community Council; Glencoe and Glen Etive Community Council; West Ardnamurchan Community Council, Ardnamurchan High Parent Council; Eoghan Carmichael.


Officials in attendance: Bob Cameron, Dot Ferguson, Emma Tayler (CE); Laurence Young (ECS); Inspector Dougie Allan (Northern Constabulary); Scott Bellwood (TECS); Gerard Storey, Catherine MacKellar (SW)


For Action
Chief Executive’s (CE)
Education, Culture and Sport (ECS)
Finance (F)
Housing and Property (H & P)
Planning and Development (P & D)
Social Work (SW)

Listed below is the action required as a result of the decisions/discussions taken by the Lochaber South Ward Forum at their meeting held on Monday 8 December in the Sunart Centre, Strontian.

Please arrange to take the required action on the basis of this Action Sheet.


1 Apologies


Theresa James; Iain MacKay; Mary Ellen Campbell; Maureen Keough; Christopher Millar-Craig; Susan Poole; Ballachulish Community Council.


2 Action Sheet Update from 12 May


It was noted that the Strategic Transport Projects Review would be announced on Wednesday 10 December and that everyone hoped for a positive result for the A82.

With regard to utility companies causing disruption with works, it was noted that a traffic sensitivity analysis is being carried out which may hopefully result in such companies being required to consult and have contract timings approved in advance of works being carried out.


3 Rural Kerbside Recycling Service – Scott Bellwood 


SB gave an update on the new rural kerbside recycling service which will begin in early 2009.  It will consist of the provision of a blue wheelie bin in which householders can recycle their paper, cardboard, food tins, drink cans and plastic drink bottles. This bin will be collected once every four weeks.  All households will receive an introductory leaflet and bins will be delivered along with an information booklet advising what can and cannot go into the bin.  A calendar detailing the collection dates; details of the recycling centre and recycling points and information and advice on how householders can reduce, reuse or recycle their waste will be issued. 

 Points raised were as follows:

- community newspapers should be used to inform the public about the scheme
- there should be more local plastics recycling facilities
- manufacturers/people should be reducing waste at source or re-using, with recycling the third preferred option.
- textile banks should be available in the Ardnamurchan/Morvern areas
- the buyers of HC recyclable materials guarantee it is recycled, not land-filled

4/5 Format for future Ward Fora/Open Forum


Dot Ferguson outlined future dates and locations.  There was broad agreement on using the ‘micro-ward’ format and having focussed, issue-based meetings.  It was also agreed that dates could be flexible where urgent items needed an earlier response.  After discussion, the following three issues were agreed as themes for the next meetings:

- Scottish Ambulance Service/Patient Transport – given the seriousness of this issue, it was agreed to try to seek an earlier meeting with the Ambulance Service plus other key agencies/stakeholders

- Housing – concern was particularly expressed around Lochaber Housing Association selling housing stock on the open market.  It was agreed to combine this with a wider discussion to be held on a pan-Lochaber basis at a joint ward meeting – date to be confirmed

- Playparks and facilities/services for children and young people – Emma Tayler to arrange for appropriate contacts to be passed to West Ardnamurchan CC.  Forum to have relevant agencies, staff and young people, who should also be involved in setting the agenda

OCUK – Sunart CC expressed concern that the Outdoor Capital of the UK was not representative of the wider geography of Lochaber.  Members have raised this before and will do so again.


6 Dates and Locations for 2009


• 16 February – Leven Centre, Kinlochleven
• 20 April – Council Chamber, Lochaber House, Fort William
• 22 June – Acharacle (venue to be confirmed)
• 21 September – Ballachulish (venue to be confirmed)
• 23 November – Council Chamber, Lochaber House, Fort William


7 AOCB –


Tarmac, Lochaline – Members are continuing to press Tarmac to keep the mine open, or at the very least to delay closure.

Community Safety – Inspector Allan reported that crime rate was down in the most recent figures and that the rate of detection had increased.  A full community safety report will be given to a future Ward Forum.