Planning Applications

To submit a planning application

ePlanning - online tool for submitting and searching planning applications

To submit a planning application online, please use the Scottish Government's ePlanning Scotland website

The P&D Service is applying the Council’s Payment Strategy. Therefore with affect from 1st July 2012 the Service will not be accepting cheques by way of payment of fees.  Please see the link below for information on E-planning payment options.

To view, track or comment on an application or make a customised weekly list  

You can create your own customised weekly list, view an application, make a comment, track its progress and find out what decision was made. You can do this by clicking on the link below (PLEASE READ NOTES below link before clicking on link):

Highland ePlanning Web Access



When using Highland ePlanning, please be aware of the following:

Time-out when Making Comments

  • Once you have clicked on the 'Make a public comment' button, the page only allows 10 minutes to complete and submit a comment and will time out after this time. 
  • To avoid any information being lost, we would recommend preparing your comment in advance on a Word document, then cut and paste it into the Comment section.

Please also be aware that

  • Any comments you submit (either online or on paper) will be published online along with your name.  Signatures and other personal information (such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and medical information) will be blacked out.  You should note that in the event that a planning application is reported to a Planning Applications Committee for decision, your name and home address will be published as part of that report.

Planning Applications within the Cairngorms National Park Area

  • Comments will be accepted by The Highland Council via Highland ePlanning Web Access until the Neighbour Notification period expires and all comments will be forwarded to the CNPA to deal with.
  • If you try to make a comment on one of these applications after the Neighbour Notification period has expired, The Highland Council will be unable to receive your comment.

    ·Please note - Applications may be 'called in' by the CNPA at any point between The Highland Council receiving it and the Neighbour Notification period expiring - If you are aware that the application you would like to make a comment on has already been called in by the CNPA, please forward your comments directly to them at planning@cairngorms.co.uk

Further information