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The Council can offer a collection of bulky items from households on request. There is a flat charge of £16.22 for the collection of up to three items during a single visit (e.g.  sofa and two chairs), and £32.45 for the collection of four to a maximum of six items during a single visit.   

The main aim is to further reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and to improve recycling performance in the Highlands.  Many of the requested bulky uplifts involve furniture and other household items which can be re-used or recycled.  There are a number of local community sector groups that offer a free collection service, or alternatively you can take your items to your nearest Recycling Centre.

Please note this service is for householders only and cannot be used by commercial premises.

For information on the bulky uplift service, follow the links below:

What is this service?

We provide a service for the collection of certain household waste including:

  • any article that cannot fit into the normal domestic bin
  • any article which weighs over 25Kg

How is this service requested?

To request a collection, please call 01349 886603 or visit your local Service Point.  Payments must be paid by debit or credit card before collection. You will be advised of a collection day and every effort will be made to complete your request on that day.

Is there a charge?

There is a flat charge of £16.22  for the collection of up to three items during a single visit (e.g.  sofa and two chairs), and £32.45 for the collection of four to a maximum of six items during a single visit.

We will not refund any payments unless the person requesting the service notifies us at least 2 working days before the scheduled collection date.

What can be collected?

Large domestic items of furniture, consumer goods or items which cannot fit into the wheeled bin such as chairs, tables, sofas, beds, cupboards, fridges, freezers and cookers.

What will not be collected?

Commercial waste will not be collected.

This service does not include the collection of bagged and/or boxed waste.

Other items not collected include those which are removed through the work of a tradesman and left with the householder to dispose of, or through the efforts of a DIY householder. For example, sanitary fittings (sinks bath WCs etc), kitchen units, doors, windows and demolition material arising from the enlargement, construction or improvement of property.

There are also items which due to their size or nature are not collected. For example coal bunkers, fireplaces, Aga cookers, garden sheds, any part of a central heating system, fences, or gas cylinders.

Are there limits to what can be requested?

The limit is 6 bulky items. 

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Other items not collected

There are also items which could cause potential damage to the collection vehicle or pose health and safety risks to the operators. For example asbestos, rocks, tarmac, concrete, car batteries, engines, tyres or panes of glass.

Requests for the collection of liquids and chemicals can not be accepted as they cannot be disposed off by our own normal disposal routes. Chemical waste could be described as “special” due to their toxicity and they need alternative disposal measures.

Below is a definitive list of items which we do not collect, and those of which will only be collected if the following conditions are applied:

        Aga cooker / cast iron cookers 
        Barbed wire 
        Bathroom suites (toilet, sink, basin or bath)
        Breeze blocks
        Car parts / scrap metal
        Cement / concrete
        Chemical / liquid waste (incl. pesticides)
        Clothes pole
        Coal bunker
        Corrugated iron
        Dead animals  
        Doors - internal or external

        Fluorescent tubes
        Garage door
        Gas canisters / gas bottles
        Gas heaters *
        Heating appliance / boiler
        Paint / paint pots *
        Rayburn cooker / cast iron cookers
        Rotary drier *
        Shower units
        Storage heater / bricks *
        Tree stumps
        Water tanks
        Weed killer
        Wheels / tyres
        Windows / window frames
        Wood *

*Items with conditional acceptance:

*Gas heaters / gas canister - bottle must be removed
*Paint / paint pots - only if empty or where all paint has hardened
*Rotary drier - concrete base and rope must be removed
*Storage heater / bricks - heaters can be collected, bricks must be removed
*Wood - unless smaller than 2x2x4 ft that cannot fit into a wheeled bin

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Alternative disposal options?

There are a number of Recycling Centres where members of the public can take their own waste to be recycled or disposed, if non-recyclable.

Where the amount of units and/or bags exceed the limits the public shall be directed to their nearest Recycling Centre e.g.  Sheds, Coal Bunkers, Showers, Fencing etc. The option of collecting more items than the limit is available only if the person who requests this service is clear that this will be recharged at actual cost.

There are a number of local community sector groups that offer a free collection service

General advice to requests?

The details of each item shall be recorded.

The crew will only collect those items described in the initial call.

The doors of fridges and freezers should be taped up or stored with the door hard facing against a wall or fence to prevent access by small children. The interior of fridges and freezers must be cleaned out and all removable shelves and trays removed.

Other useful information?

The service will be suspended for two weeks around Christmas and New Year. Alternative collection arrangements are notified well in advance and are printed in local papers. Recycling Centres will be open at this time of year.

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Request a Bulky Uplift

Please read the above information before requesting a Bulky Uplift to make sure your items are not excluded from collection.


Request a Bulky Uplift online


You can also phone 01349 886603 or visit your local Service Point.  

Collections must be paid by debit or credit card before collection.  You will be advised of a collection day and every effort will be made to complete your request on that day.

Tips on how to Reduce, Re-use, or Recycle your waste.


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