Top Tips for Schools

Image of waste reducing tips for schools

There are a number of simple steps we can all take to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle much of the waste that is produced in our schools.


  • Ensure that everyone knows to photocopy on both sides. 
  • Set printers up to print double sided as a default setting.
  • If producing drafts print two pages to a sheet . 
  • Have a box of one-sided scrap paper available by printers and photocopiers. 
  • Encourage everyone to print e-mails only when absolutely necessary.
  • Only use one paper towel at a time.
  • Avoid disposable, single use products, such as cleaning wipes. 


  • Have a well labelled scrap paper tray in every room.
  • You could shred paper to use as animal bedding, this could be given away or sold as an enterprise project.
  • Encourage everyone to bring in waste-free packed lunches and snacks. 
  • Use refillable food containers and bottles and avoiding over-packaged foods.
  • Reuse envelopes – envelope reuse labels can help to cover up the previous address and reseal the envelope. You can make your own or try to source some from a local charity.
  • Use rechargeable batteries.  
  • Reuse plastic containers such as yoghurt pots, margarine tubs, etc for use during art activities.
  • Set up a collection for spectacles to donate to Vision Aid, an organisation that sends unwanted spectacles to developing countries to be reused.


  • Use eyour local Recycling Point for paper, cans and textiles.
  • Compost your organic waste such as fruit peelings, tea bags and any garden waste.  The compost that you make can be used to improve your soil.
  • You can raise some money either for the school or for charity by recycling old mobile phones and ink cartridges. 
  • Consider composting cooked food waste with a wormery. 
  • Collect used stamps and send to a charity.

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