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News and projects

About the Great Glen Ways project

The aim of the Great Glen Ways Project is to strengthen the identity of the Glen, improve visitor satisfaction and encourage more people to come and enjoy the three Great Glen Ways – making a significant contribution to the local economy.

The project is managed by The Highland Council in partnership with Forestry Commission Scotland and Scottish Canals.

Structures and signs

Large distinctive stone and timber structures have been placed at points of interest throughout the Glen, onto which information and interpretation panels have been installed. The main themes cover history, archaeology, folklore, forest management, natural history, landscape and wildlife.

Information panels have also been installed at tourist information centres throughout the Glen. Waymarker posts and other signs have been improved, making it easier for visitors to find their way. You can see the information and interpretation panels by clicking here.

Great Glen Ways Design

A distinctive design and colour scheme is being used throughout the project to create a unified image throughout the Glen and thereby improve the visitor experience. The colour is intended to be easily visible and clearly different from any other paths or routes that may cross any of the Great Glen Ways. A distinctive logo has been designed to represent the three main recreational activities in the Glen.

If you are planning to install interpretation within the Great Glen, you may be interested in our Helpful Hints (pdf, 31kb). Use of the Great Glen Ways designs is free of charge for local groups.