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Next steps on tackling hate crime

Published: Monday, 12 June 2017

A series of practical measures have been set out to tackle and prevent hate crime in Scotland, focused on tackling prejudice and building

Focus on prevention, raising awareness and improving services.

The Scottish Government response to the recommendations of the Independent Advisory Group on Hate Crime confirmed:

· Creating a delivery group of key partners with Ministerial oversight to ensure the advisory group’s recommendations lead to meaningful changes on the ground

· Work with transport providers and disabled people’s organisations to deliver a hate crime charter for public transport

· Tackling hate crime in the workplace, focusing on frontline staff, working with the STUC and others to gather evidence

· A public campaign aiming to prevent hate crime by raising awareness of what hate crime is and how to report it and showing perpetrators the impact of these crimes on victims

· Adopting the International Holocaust Memorial Trust’s definition of anti-Semitism – driving work to tackle this form of prejudice.