Economic development

Stimulating economic activity

The Highland Economic Forum has been established by us to make sure that the business community in the Highlands is fully consulted on economic development matters in the Highlands.  A wide range of public and private sector organisations attend, and the Forum is in the process of making sure there is long term sustainable economic growth in the Highlands.

Read the action Plan for Economic Development

 In order to deliver the action plan a number of working groups have been established to drive initiatives forward. Each initiative looks to mitigate the impact upon the Highland Economy of public sector budget constraints.

Highland is an attractive proposition for investors. Further information on the Highland economy, business advice and available premises is available at Enterprising Highland.

Scottish Cities Alliance 

The Scottish Cities Alliance  is a collaboration of Scotland’s 7 cities, the Scottish Government and the Scottish Council for Development and Industry (SCDI) working together with the collective aim of growing city economies and creating jobs.

It has been created to implement the Action Plan for Cities. The main areas of activity that the Alliance will be concentrating on are based around the following headings:


  • Connected cities
  • Sustainable cities
  • Knowledge cities
  • Vibrant and cultural cities

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