Managing your waste during lockdown

To assist our collection crews

Rubbish and recycling collections

Please ensure your bin is out by 7am on your scheduled collection day as there may be changes to your collection time. If your bins are not emptied by 5pm please take them off the street and present them again on the next scheduled collection day. Regular updates will be provided on the Council’s website and social media channels.

  • Regularly clean your bin handles and lids
  • Wash your hands before and after touching your bins.
  • Please make sure your bin lids are firmly closed to help prevent crews unnecessarily touching them.
  • If you see the bin collection crews, please let them know you appreciate what they’re doing and give them a wave or a smile!

What should households who are self-isolating due to displaying symptoms of Coronavirus, do with their rubbish?

Ensure all waste items that have been in contact with the individual, for example, used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths, are disposed of securely within disposable bags. When full, the plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied. These bags should be stored for 72 hours before being put out for collection. Other household waste can be disposed of as normal.

If your refuse bin is full please store excess bags safely in a shed or garage until your next collection.

Can the collection crew pull out my bin from my garden if I am self-isolating?

The refuse collection crews are unable to pull out bins from gardens for households that are self-isolating. Please see the guidance on what to do with your rubbish whilst self-isolating.

Missed bin collections

If you have put your refuse or recycling bin out for collection on the scheduled day and it was not collected, yet your neighbour’s bins were collected, please report a missed bin or call 01349 886603.

Assisted collections

Due to changes in staff, waste and recycling assisted collections may be collected by a different crew and at a different time. Please make sure your bins are easily accessible and visible by 7am.

Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC)

HWRC may close at short notice if we experience staff shortages due to Coronovirus. Please check the HWRC page on the website and the Highland Council's Facebook page.

All Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRC) in Highland are open. Government legislation allows for journeys to the HWRC for essential waste disposal. Please do not put waste you may have taken to a HWRC in your household bins as it may overwhelm collection services. If you decide to have a clear-out while you’re at home, please don’t put everything in the bin. Instead, store it safely in a garage or shed until normal service resumes. Please avoid carrying out large DIY or gardening projects unless you have the space to store the waste. Again, we would encourage residents to home compost where possible, use the Garden Waste Collection Service and/or reduce the amount of garden waste generated.

check updates

Bottle Banks

All bottle banks across Highland are available as normal for recycling your glass bottles and jars. Please visit the bottle banks when you do an essential journey, such as essential food shopping and make sure you observe social distancing when using them. If you are self-isolating or have any of the symptoms of Coronavirus  (COVID-19) then please stay away from the bottle banks at this current time.


If you see any fly-tipping please report it through the Highland Council website here

To reduce your waste

Use your blue bin to recycle as much as you can. Full list of items that can be recycled in a blue bin.

If you live in Inverness use the weekly food waste collection service to recycle your food.

Don’t buy more food than you need and remember to freeze it if you can’t eat it before the use by date. Use up leftovers rather than throwing them away. For more information visit Love Food Hate Waste Scotland.

Reduce your waste as much as possible. Could you use an alternative reusable item, or use something again instead of throwing it away? There are plenty of tips on how to reduce waste.

Garden Waste Colllection Service

Permits for the season September 2020 to August 2021 are on sale. You can buy the permits online.

We would still encourage customers to home compost where possible. It can give you excellent nutrient rich compost for your garden. We have links to some very helpful information and videos on the composting page on our website.

start home composting if you can

Information on managing your garden waste

Textile banks

Textile banks are being emptied by charities as normal. Please help us to keep sites tidy by not leaving waste at the side of textile banks. This waste is classed as fly-tipping . 

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