Information on collection day changes

Collection day changes

Some bin collection days are changing in the Badenoch & Strathspey area. All householders will receive a letter with a 2022 bin collection calendar showing their collection day. Please note not all collection days are changing, some will remain as they are. Garden Waste bin collection days remain unaffected.

You will know if your bin collection day has changed in your letter. You will receive a letter in the post and a bin collection calendar. If the calendar is the same as your current collection day, then your collections remain the same and there is no change.

Some collection days are changing to help improve efficiency from the refuse collection vehicles and to reduce carbon emissions by mapping new efficient and balanced collection routes.

In addition, the new routes will help the Council to manage the waste and recycling collections from the continued growth of housing developments across the Highlands.

Any changes to collection days will start from week commencing Monday 9 May 2022.

You will receive at least two weeks’ notice before your collection day changes.

The frequency of collections is not changing. All waste and recycling collections will remain on an alternate weekly basis - refuse collected one week and recycling collected the other week.

For Highland Council Business customers: Some businesses will see a collection day change. We will email businesses which are affected with the updated details.

If you have any questions or enquiries

Householders can email and waste staff will answer your enquiry.

Businesses can email and the Business Waste Team will answer your enquiry.

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