Food waste collection

Food waste collections around Inverness

Bin collection days

Your food waste collection day is weekly and is on the same day of the week as your refuse and recycling collection unless otherwise stated.

Food waste is collected weekly from properties in: 

  • Inverness city
  • Culloden
  • Smithton
  • Balloch
  • Milton of Leys

How to recycle your food waste

Place a compostable liner in the caddy. Put your food scraps in it and when it's full, tie the liner and pop in your larger back door caddy.

Please do not use plastic bags, newspaper or paper bags instead of the liners.

Find out what you can put in your food caddy.

When you need more liners, tie your last liner to the handle of your caddy. We will then leave a new roll of liners in the caddy.

Report a missed bin collection

Report a missed bin collection

Get help putting your bin out

If you have difficulty moving your bin and there is no one else available to help you, please contact us.