Carbon CLEVER Declaration

Support for signatories

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There are many ways that your organisation can save money, reduce its carbon emissions and have a positive social impact. This could include improving energy efficiency, engaging staff to make positive changes in behaviour, implementing a sustainable travel plan or sharing resources with another business or organisation. 

The Highland Council, Resource Efficient Scotland, Energy Saving Trust, Changeworks, Scottish Natural Heritage, and the Highland Environment Network support the delivery of Carbon CLEVER Declaration on behalf of the Highland Environment Forum. You can get support through the Carbon CLEVER Declaration from partner organisations or other signatories.

Your organisation can contribute to the Carbon CLEVER initiative by becoming more resource efficient and reducing your carbon emissions . By signing the Declaration, your organisation can benefit by

  • Gaining public recognition and free promotion in print, social media, and at events
  • Saving money and reducing carbon emissions by becoming more efficient
  • Accessing free support such as funding maps, case studies and business cases to give you a range of tools to make real savings
  • Being part of a Highland peer support network and access to the Carbon CLEVER branding