Carbon CLEVER Declaration

How to get involved

  1. Carbon clever logoSign up - This is easy. Just contact us at Once you are registered we will supply you with an official certificate and give you access to the Carbon CLEVER logo and branding
  2. Receive support and promotion - the Carbon CLEVER Declaration seeks to provide you with specific information and advice on how to meet your goals. Once you have signed up, contact us to find out how we can help!
  3. Plan, implement and achieve - there are many ways that your organisation can reduce its carbon emissions and have a positive social impact, whilst also saving money. This could include improving energy efficiency, engaging staff to facilitate behaviour change, implementing a sustainable travel plan or sharing resources with partners. The Carbon CLEVER Declaration can be used in different ways, if you are just starting to develop a plan to become more efficient you can utilise the resources and skills available to make savings. If you have already put actions in place it can be used to gain recognition for your work. Overall, it will allow you to work within parameters that you have set to make actual reductions and savings
  4. Share - By highlighting action in case studies, participating in events such as the Carbon CLEVER Conference and by regular publicity articles, we will hope to promote your success to other signatories and across the Highlands