Coronavirus: Environmental Health Advice

Private water supplies

Due to the current COVID-19 Coronavirus restrictions, we have temporarily suspended our statutory water monitoring and risk assessment programme. Annual sampling of supplies may not be carried out until later into 2020.

In the interim it is important that owners and managers of private water supplies take steps to maintain their water supply to provide safe drinking water. The following links below provide some helpful information on maintaining your water supply system.


Water safety maintenance plan

If there are any concerns or you are unsure about the effectiveness of a water disinfection system (e.g. UV sterilising unit, chlorination dosing system), it is recommended that water is first boiled prior to consumption. By boiling water prior to drinking, micro-organisms that can cause ill-health, such as E. coli, will be killed.

We can offer a grant of up to £800 to improve a private water supply system and further information about the scheme is available on our website.

If you would like to report a concern about a private water supply or like further advice, please contact our service by email at

We are currently having to prioritise resources in response to COVID-19, while ensuring that the appropriate public health advice is followed to protect staff and customers. There may, therefore, be delays in responding to enquiries.

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